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Joined: 20 Jun 2017
Posts: 3
Localisation: Germany
Login TMNF: felixgarke
Login ManiaPlanet: tmsilver

PostPosted: Tue 20 Jun 2017 - 14:11    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Hey Team Fox,
to give you a small overview of myself and my life, I would like to share the following information about me with you:

=> /Global /

First-name:   Silvio (Arnold)
Age:   Im actually 21 years old
Country:    Germany / Baden-Württemberg
Job / Studies:    Im working in a bank as adviser , working to improve my further career
Hobbies:    sometimes I love to pull up some weights to improve my muscles.  I used to play a lot tennis and I like watching Netflix in english language. Of course I got a passion for Trackmania, thats why I´m here.
Music, Movies, style, … : To relax after work, I listen to Rock / Metal / Alternative music, which helps me calm down a lot  Cool  
If you are into watching movies, you always get my intension. Except of horror movies, I will be amused to join every film session.  If I should describe my style, I personally would say, that I have a decent amount of ambition. If there is something I would like to reach I´ll reach my destination. Im always focused, but Im stuffed with humor either (: ! My clothing style: casual / business^^ 

=> /On TM /

ManiaPlanet Login : tmsilver
NickName :    people recognize me as "silver"
Number of LadderPoitns (LP) :  actually I got 58.000 LP but I never tried to reach a good rank, since MP is realesed. It is also hard to find a Server that has higher Ladder. 
Do you play on others ManiaPlanet games : I used to play Shootmania. I was chosen to play the Alpha of it, also included in the Beta. After the release of it, especially the elite mode caught my intension and I had around 90.000LP.  I stopped playing it for educational purposes.
Have you got TeamSpeak3 ? : Of course, communication in Team is one of the most important things!
Have you got a micro/headset ? : I have one Smile

Previous Teams: I have a long career in Trackmania which leaded me through many teams! I started of back in TM United Forever where I played for team sek´ , later on I played for ((( and  team zero. After a decent time of playing United I switched over to Stadium, where tech catched my intension in the first place. I was invited to play for vXa and I joined Funteam after I got a good offer of them. There are probably some other teams in between, but I can´t remember all of them, since so many dissolve.
How long did you stay?: always a matter of the team. Some teams splitted themselves into new teams, other got dissolve. If I joined a team I was always motivated to keep them alive, work with them to improve and  stayed until the end.  If you want numbers: 6months - 2yrs
Why did you left?: dissolve or split
Days/Hours of connexions: depending on the workday! (month, stress, etc.  
When did you start play TrackMania ?: should be around 2010

=> /TM PRO /!\ It's advised to got TeamSpeak3 to do wars /!\

Are you ok to do some matchs/tournaments ?:  Im always in for a challenge and to take part for my team!
Have you already played some wars ?:  yes, many tournament!  especially in tech and United 
Which days are you available to play matchs ?:  under the week ( depending on the day ) and sunday

=> /What do you do on TM / (Only + ^^ !)

Do you make screens, pictures, etc ?: 
Do you make maps, skins, mods, etc ?:  +
Do you know something more on TrackMania who could help us ?  +

=> /About the Team /

How did you found us ?:  TMF always is and was a name when it comes to dirt. The way I found you was easy:  records, videos at youtube and tmtube and of course over the ESL-Homepage. 
Do you know some players ?: I know Jumper, we played some matches together but if he will recognize me is a good question Smile I play much at spams Pro Dirt, so I know Bossplaya for example, the guys hanging around there. If it comes to player names, I know many of you from videos and matches I watched.

Finaly, show us in some sentences what are your motivations to make an application in our team:

After I stopped playing, because of the educational purposes I had to take in life, I came back to Trackmania with a new Challenge. My new ambition was to get used to Dirt and to join a Team which guides me the way to handle it. Im sure that I can keep getting better with the right mates and a team, that is also full of ambition and perfection. I got a offer to join the Dirt squad of spam, but I never wanted to accept, because it was my passion, since I started playing dirt to be a part of FoX! What also makes you attractive is an active team, that takes part in Matches, where I would highly appreciate to support you! 

If there are any question left, feel free to ask them Smile

Best regards, 

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PostPosted: Tue 20 Jun 2017 - 14:11    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Joined: 27 Oct 2014
Posts: 118
Login TMNF: lay64
Login ManiaPlanet: lay64

PostPosted: Mon 26 Jun 2017 - 19:58    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Hey silver,

I am happy to see a well written application, thank you for taking the time to write it well.
You are going to enter your test period, for two weeks you will have to show us your motivation on the game and outside (facebook), I do not count teamspeak because we are a team mainly French and we speak French on teamspeak. But you can come to play other games than trackmania, like fifa or counter strike, we will make efforts and speak English with you.
Then, you have to know that there will be no dirt competition before the start of the school year and that there will be a long empty time on trackmania dirt.
Finally, add me on facebook so that I can add you to the private groups and do not forget to like the page
The test tag: $i$s$o$fffҒox|
Teamspeak address
password la1poq

Gogo !

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Joined: 20 Jun 2017
Posts: 3
Localisation: Germany
Login TMNF: felixgarke
Login ManiaPlanet: tmsilver

PostPosted: Mon 26 Jun 2017 - 21:31    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Thanks for the invit clem!

I added you at Facebook Smile
Im honored to get into the trial session and I will give my best to show you guys who I am personally.
Even if there are actually no competitions, I think I can still improve my dirt and learn something from you guys until it gets their, so no worry about that.

Im happy Embarassed

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Joined: 04 Sep 2010
Posts: 4,478
Localisation: Lyon (69)
Masculin Capricorne (22déc-19jan)
Login TMNF: cletmu2 / gueiish69
Login ManiaPlanet: gueiish69

PostPosted: Mon 26 Jun 2017 - 22:36    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Yo ! Welcome here, good luck for your application  Wink
- a Fox spirit for a Fox victory.

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Joined: 10 Nov 2015
Posts: 8
Localisation: Lille
Masculin Taureau (20avr-20mai)
Login TMNF: Aucun
Login ManiaPlanet: Ciremyxx

PostPosted: Fri 21 Jul 2017 - 17:15    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Hi' Silver !
I've the honor and pleasure to announce you this : Your test period is over, so if you're still excited about join the Team Fox, you're in ! Gj new mate =D !
Congrat's and welcome =). 
I drop you here the true tag Fox : $i$999$oҒox$FFF|
Wp again, see you soon mate =). And step by on ts, I have to give you some rights on it !

"So, you're looking to play, hun ? Hmm.. I guess I have some time to kill.."

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Joined: 20 Jun 2017
Posts: 3
Localisation: Germany
Login TMNF: felixgarke
Login ManiaPlanet: tmsilver

PostPosted: Thu 27 Jul 2017 - 11:17    Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Thanks, that means a lot to me!

of course I still want to join, absolutely impressed that I managed to convince you all.
I look forward to a have a great time with you guys and many upcoming events Smile

I will go to holiday this evening for 2 weeks, but after that I will be at TS to celebrate a bit my membership Smile

Best regards,
silver <3 Embarassed

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PostPosted: Today at 20:20    Post subject: Application

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